David Eason in Major Custody Battle!

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He wants his child back!

A lot has changed since the early days of Teen Mom. Instead of living with their parents and arguing with them, most of the cast members have their own places now. That doesn’t mean an end to the arguing, it just means a different type of fight. Now that the cast members are mature, their most common fights are with their exes as they continue to feud about custody of their children.

When it comes to custody battles, Jenelle Evans might just be the queen. She’s been fighting with her mother Barbara over custody of her son Jace essentially since the day she first signed it away. As if that weren’t enough, Jenelle has to show support for her husband, David Eason, as he fights in custody battles of his own.

When Jenelle and David got married, she became the stepmother to his two other children, Maryssa and Kaden. Although Maryssa is part of the family and spends most of her time with her new family, Kaden has yet to even appear in a family photo, as David was denied custody of his son.

Now, David is fighting back against his ex, dropping shocking documents about his baby mama in an effort to regain custody of his son.

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