Jenelle Goes Off on Savage Rant About David Eason’s Sister

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Bad Blood!

When Jenelle Evans has a problem with someone, it never stays a secret for very long. Jenelle can be pretty unrelenting when she has a beef with someone in her life. She tends to attack them to their face, behind their back, and even on social media. We’ve seen this time and time again with her co-stars, her exes, and her mother Barbara. Now, Jenelle has zeroed in on an enemy that’s particularly close with her: her sister-in-law, Jessica Eason.

Jenelle and Jessica have been feuding practically since Jenelle first started dating David. Unlike some feuds, this one seems to get more and more intense as time passes, and now Jenelle is going for the throat. It seems that attacking Jessica on social media isn’t enough, so Jenelle is trashing her sister-in-law’s business.

jenelle evans angry

Credit: MTV