Jenelle Evans Faces Off With Rumors That She Was Assaulted by David’s Sister

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How bad is their feud?!

There’s always numerous rumors when it comes to Jenelle Evans, even when the cameras stop rolling. Although she’s matured a great deal in recent years and is focusing on raising her children, it seems that she can’t stop being followed by numerous rumors, some of which are true and some of which are completely unfounded.

For the most part, Jenelle doesn’t seem to let the rumors bother her. Although years ago she may have faced off with fans, in recent days she seems to stay above any unfounded gossip. So when she does speak out about a rumor, you know it’s something she takes seriously.

In a surprising update, David Eason’s sister Jessica had some trouble with the law — she was arrested after assaulting another woman. Considering Jenelle and Jessica’s long-running feud, it’s no wonder that fans began asking the obvious question: was Jenelle the victim in this assault?

Now, Jenelle is explaining exactly what went down.

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Source: MTV