Chris Lopez Calls Kailyn out for LYING on ‘Teen Mom 2’!

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Kailyn shot back!

It’s not uncommon for the cast members to reveal that the events on certain episodes of Teen Mom didn’t happen exactly as they looked. The cast has called out MTV’s production and editing staff for manipulating them, their children, or even editing events to make it look like something else took place time and time again. But now, one cast member is claiming that an episode was faked — but this time it’s because another cast member was lying!

From the very beginning of their relationship, Chris Lopez and Kailyn Lowry were rocky at best. It’s not clear whether they ever actually dated or if they were simply hooking up when they conceived Lux, but it’s clear that things have only gotten worse with time. Once their son Lux was born, Kailyn and Chris started digging their heels in and carving out their sides of the story. Considering that Chris has always refused to film, though, it’s difficult knowing what’s really going on. Now, Chris is calling Kailyn out for lying on the recent episode of Teen Mom 2 “In Sod We Trust” — and Kailyn didn’t take very long to fire back!

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