Kailyn Has a Breakdown About Raising Lux Without Chris!

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She totally lost it!

When you look at any of the Teen Mom stars’ social media accounts, it looks like they lead a perfectly happy life. But because they’re reality stars, all of their fans know that their lives are a lot more complicated than they look on the surface.

Many of the Teen Mom 2 cast members are dealing with major difficulties in their personal lives ― and sometimes it can be hard for them to hold it all together. There’s nothing quite as difficult as an unplanned pregnancy… except, maybe, having a totally MIA baby daddy on top of it all.

Kailyn Lowry holds it together as best as she can, but anyone would have a difficult time in her shoes. It’s now clear that Kailyn was hoping Chris would be a bigger part of their son Lux’s life once she gave birth, but her relationship with him has only added more difficulty in the past few months.

Now, she’s completely broken down crying at the thought of raising Lux without Chris’ help.

kailyn crying

Credit: MTV