Chelsea Begs Courts to Reduce Adam’s Visitation With Aubree After Numerous Arrests!

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Cut off!

Practically all of the Teen Mom cast members have spent weeks, months, or even years fighting for the custody of their children. But Chelsea Houska may have faced one of the most difficult battles of the cast. Much like Maci Bookout’s problems with her ex Ryan Edwards and his heroin addiction, Chelsea has faced the difficult decision: does she deprive her daughter Aubree of having a relationship with her own father, or does she allow her to be in a potentially dangerous environment with her addicted father?

Recently, Adam Lind’s behavior has only been escalating. It seems that every few weeks, he’s being arrested on a different charge. Apparently enough was enough for Chelsea, and she made the choice to not have her daughter exposed to Adam, father or not. Now, she’s asking courts to reduce Adam’s visitation with his daughter.

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