Chelsea Scheduled to Take Adam to Court After Multiple Arrests

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She's demanding change!

It’s not uncommon for the Teen Mom cast members to all-out hate the baby daddies that they’ve dumped. In fact, it’s rare for them to be on good terms with them at all! But for Chelsea Houska, her story is a little bit different.

Hating your baby daddy is one thing, but having a baby daddy who is addicted to drugs and continues to add onto his criminal record is a whole different beast. For someone who cares about her daughter as much as Chelsea does, it’s clearly difficult to watch on as Aubree’s heart continues to break for her missing father.

But there comes a time that a mother has to put her child’s safety before anything else, and it’s reached that point for Chelsea. And knowing what Adam Lind has been getting up to recently, it’s pretty hard to blame her.

It’s no secret that Adam Lind has a drug problem, but it wasn’t clear how bad it was until now. After two stints in jail, it’s clear that Adam’s difficulties are overflowing. No wonder Chelsea is demanding that the courts change Aubree’s last name!

adam lind and chelsea houska

Source: MTV