Amber’s Baby Daddy Finally Makes His On-Screen Debut!

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He's finally here!

Amber Portwood has been keeping many aspects of her life secret ever since she broke up with Matt Baier. In fact, for many weeks, she was practically nonexistent across all of social media. She even missed filming for the Teen Mom reunion, but soon it became clear why she had pulled back so much: she is expecting her second child!

Now that Amber is open about her exciting news, there’s just one thing fans want to know more about: her baby daddy. Amber has been dating Andrew Glennon for months now, and while fans have gotten a few pictures of him that Amber has posted to her social media, we haven’t really gotten a chance to see what her new baby daddy is like… until now!

Andrew has finally made his on-screen debut, and fans are thrilled to finally get to know the newest addition to the Teen Mom cast.

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