Another Arrest! Amber Portwood’s Boyfriend’s Criminal Record is Piling Up

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A Serious History!

Amber Portwood has had some serious difficulties in her love life over the years. She first tried to make it work with Gary Shirley, her baby daddy. Due to her proclivity for violent outbursts, they broke off their engagement and eventually drifted apart. Although Amber started dating soon after their split, she wasn’t in a long term relationship until she started dating Matt Baier… and, well, we all know how that ended. Or maybe you don’t. That went up in a flame of lies, cheating, and scandalous allegations.

Now it seems like Amber has finally found someone a bit more stable. She’s been dating her new beau, Andrew Glennon, for a few months now, and they’ve even been on on vacation together!

However, the honeymoon period can’t last forever — especially when you have thousands of fans digging up dirt. As usual, more and more information about Andrew has come to light as their time together goes on — and much of it isn’t particularly flattering. The most recent news? One more entry in his long list of criminal behavior.

amber and andrew

Credit: MTV/Imgur