Amber Met Her New Man on the Set of ‘Marriage Bootcamp’ When She Was Still With Matt

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The mystery man is revealed!

Amber Portwood and Matt Baier, or “Mamber,” were one of the most controversial couples in all of Teen Mom history. They provided the show and the fans with all kinds of drama, numerous engagements and breakups, and some full out feuds. It was entertaining while it lasted, but most fans were happy to see that they were finally splitting up. Now Matt, who is nearly 20 years older than Amber, may be receding into the background of Amber’s fame.

Amber has made it perfectly clear that she’s putting her days with Matt behind her: she has a new man. Even though Amber hasn’t spoken out about his identity, fans are eager to learn more about him, and have done some sleuthing of their own. What little information we have now is constantly expanding, and now it’s coming out that Amber and her new man actually met while she filmed Marriage Boot Camp in June, while she was with Matt.

Amber and new man

Credit: Imgur/Instagram @realamberlportwood1__