Amber Portwood Spent Her Pregnancy Drinking?!

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Uh oh!

Trying to get pregnant can be something of a full-time job for many women. From making sure they’re completely healthy to getting the timing right and even seeing fertility specialists, having a child is often a well planned out and formulated process. For the Teen Mom girls, though, the process is often quite a bit different.

Although some of the cast members have gotten pregnant intentionally in recent years, many of them have continued to have unexpected pregnancies with long-term partners or one-night stands the same. It doesn’t surprise many fans, considering that they all got pregnant unexpectedly when they were just 16 or 17 years old. Most recently, Amber Portwood has joined the ranks of having a second “oopsie” pregnancy.

However, it’s left many fans wondering what she’s been doing to prepare for her baby, and what bad habits she’s stopped. For the mothers who plan to get pregnant, drinking is completely off the table. As we’ve seen in recent episodes, Amber continued drinking — which is understandable, since she wasn’t planning to get pregnant. But how far into her pregnancy did she continue drinking? According to this insider, it’s not looking good for Amber…

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Credit: MTV