The Timeline of Amber’s Pregnancy — And Why Fans Think Matt Might Be Her Baby Daddy!

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Whose baby is it?

Right now, Amber Portwood is having an experience that she hasn’t gone through since she was a teenager. In a surprising announcement, she revealed that she is expecting her second child. This time, her baby daddy is her new boyfriend Andrew Glennon, who Amber met while filming Marriage Boot Camp with her ex, Matt Baier.

For anyone who has been out of the Teen Mom loop for even a few weeks, the announcement felt like whiplash. Wasn’t Amber just planning a wedding with Matt? Who is this Andrew guy anyway?

In fact, for people who just tuned for the first time in months to see Amber Portwood with a baby bump, they might reasonably assume that Matt was the father. Even though Amber has confirmed that her baby daddy is Andrew, some fans are a little suspicious. They think that Matt might actually be the one who knocked her up.

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