Farrah Abraham Accuses Amber of Planning Her Pregnancy for Money!

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Called Out!!

The moment that you find out you’re pregnant tends to be a time of excitement and joy for mothers-to-be. For Amber Portwood, it came with shock and worry at first, but she soon embraced her new role as a mother of two, and has been preparing for her new baby ever since. However, not everyone
has positive things to say about Amber and her second baby. That’s why her pregnancy news airing on the most recent episode of Teen Mom OG, “Oh Baby,” started a domino effect of controversies that are following the star.

Now, one of her co-stars, Farrah Abraham, is making a big accusation against her. Farrah says that her Teen Mom OG got pregnant on purpose just to raise the show’s ratings. Now it seems that Amber is feuding with practically everyone on the show, and it looks like it’s about to get ugly.

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Source: Youtube @OK!Magazine/MTV