“Disgusting!” Jenelle Evans in Hot Water After Making “Horrific” Joke About Parkland Shooting Survivor

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Too far!

There are some tragedies that devastate the entire nation in such an intense way that it seems people will never heal. Americans have recently experienced numerous acts of gun violence, including the deadly shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida which killed seventeen and wounded even more. Since this horrific event, the nation has needed time to heal and cope with the devastating loss. To say it’s “too soon” to make jokes about the incident would be considered quite the understatement by many.

Apparently, Jenelle Evans didn’t get the memo. She found herself caught up in a huge controversy surrounding the shooting mere days after it took place — one so intense that it resulted in her husband, David Eason, being fired. It’s clear she won’t leave the topic alone, as now she’s being blasted by fans for apparently making fun of one of the survivors of the deadly high school shooting.


Credit: MTV