Missing Moms! Here’s Why HALF the ‘Teen Mom OG’ Cast Skipped Reunion Filming Amid Cancellation Rumors

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Things are rocky in this cast!

Considering all of the drama, fights, friendship, and love shared between the Teen Mom cast, you’d think they spend all of their time together. In reality, they often don’t see their co-stars except for during the Teen Mom reunion specials.

And yet, some of the most iconic Teen Mom moments have taken place at the reunion. From Briana’s mother Roxanne taking off her shoes to fight baby daddy Devoin to Gary admitting his less-than-kosher contraceptive methods — and who could forget Farrah and Amber’s explosive on-screen fight?

For all the drama and tears that takes place during the reunion, they’ve become one of the most important parts of the season. This season of Teen Mom OG might not have such a captivating episode. That’s because half of the cast was a no-show!

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Credit: MTV