Not Done Yet! Catelynn Lowell Reveals Plans for FOURTH Rehab Stay After Miscarriage

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She's staying with it until it's done!

Mental illness is not the same for everyone. Each person has their own struggles, strengths, and decisions to make when it comes to fighting these battles. A treatment that works perfectly for one person may be completely useless for someone else, and vice versa. For Catelynn Lowell, she decided to go away for treatment.

Catelynn’s mental illness problems have been a focus of her Teen Mom OG storyline ever since she had Nova. After falling into severe postpartum depression, Catelynn began to explore her options for treatment including therapy and medication. But things got more severe when she suffered from a miscarriage that ended her third pregnancy.

Now, Catelynn has revealed her decision to go back to a treatment center for the fourth time in less than six months, making it clear that things are more serious than many may have thought.

catelynn lowell crying

Credit: MTV