Tyler Baltierra Finally Reveals the Truth About Cheating Rumors

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He's finally speaking out!

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra are unique from their Teen Mom co-stars in a number of ways. Like the rest of the couples, they found themselves pregnant while they were only teenagers, but that’s where the major similarities end. Unlike all of their Teen Mom costars, they assessed their situation and realized they wouldn’t be able to provide for a child. Instead, they decided to put baby Carly up for adoption.

There’s something else that sets Catelynn and Tyler apart from the rest of the cast, though. They are also the only couple who have stayed together from the very beginning, making Cate the only star to walk down the aisle with her original baby daddy. So far, they’ve seemed like a match made in heaven, but recent reports suggest that there might be a darker side to their relationship.

Allegations of the unthinkable have been swirling recently. The rumor mill is saying that Tyler has been cheating on his long-time partner and wife. Considering the young mother is currently in treatment for her depression and suicidal thoughts, the idea of these rumors being true is very upsetting for many fans.

Now, Tyler is stepping forward to give his side of the story.

catelynn and tyler baltierra

Credit: MTV