Catelynn Lowell May Have Gone to Treatment After Suffering Miscarriage

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Fans are devastated for her

It’s not uncommon for the cast members to decide that they don’t want more children, or that they simply aren’t at a place in their lives to decide to have more. Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra had to come to the difficult realization that they didn’t have the means to raise a child when they first found out they were pregnant. They ended up putting their first daughter up for adoption. A lot has changed since then, though, and for the past few months, the Baltierras have been very vocal about wanting to have another baby.

Although they’ve been discussing having another child for years now, it wasn’t until recently that they actually decided to start trying. In this season of Teen Mom OG, Catelynn went off of her birth control and revealed that she and Tyler had made the choice to actively try for another baby.

However, as we’ve seen with many of the cast members, the road to a new baby isn’t always an easy one ― it can come with devastating hardships. A recent inside source is now revealing that Catelynn was, in fact, pregnant and suffered a heartbreaking miscarriage, which may have resulted in her path to treatment.

catelyn lowell and tyler baltierra crying

Credit: MTV