‘Teen Mom’ Couple Done for Good: “It’s Your Loss!”

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It's over!

When it comes to Teen Mom relationships… well, let’s just say that they’re not always in it for the long haul. Many of the girls seem to have found the one. Case-in-point, both Jenelle and Chelsea tied the knot within the past few weeks, Maci is happily wed to Taylor McKinney, and Catelynn has been with Tyler since the beginning!

Then again, others are having a hard time locking it down for more than a few months. Kailyn, Leah, Farrah, and Briana are all living the life of single motherhood these days after many serious, but ultimately tumultuous, relationships.

For the single girls, we’ve seen them meet and break up with boys, some of whom become their baby daddies before the split! Then again, no one expected this couple to break up when they did… not to mention that it looks like there’s pretty bad blood between them!

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