‘Teen Mom’ Wife Was Busted for Driving While Coked Out!

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Her Criminal History Exposed!

No matter how much they would prefer not to admit it, all of the Teen Mom cast members have their vices. Whether it’s drinking, throwing tantrums, or even smoking weed, they all turn to certain things when they’re feeling upset. It’s a process that loyal fans have watched them struggle through as they deal with their often chaotic lives. Even though substance dependency is never good, for the most part, the cast members have come out on top — except, apparently, for this one.

Substance abuse is bad enough on its own, but it certainly doesn’t mix well with driving. Driving under the influence can ruin or even terminate people’s lives, but that didn’t stop this Teen Mom wife from getting behind the wheel. Now, her past run-in with the law is exposed, and it doesn’t look good for this new couple.

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Source: Facebook @Teen Mom NJ