‘Teen Mom’ Star Admits to Relapsing on Cocaine!

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They're back to old ways!

When the Teen Mom cast members first signed onto the show, they probably had no idea just how long their lives would be publicized as part of the series. Now, several years later, it’s clear to see how much has changed since the first day cameras showed up at their homes. Many of the Moms have accomplished a huge amount from the first day they found out they were pregnant — some of them are even unrecognizable from the way they were at the beginning!

With a life so public, the dark parts are bound to come out, too. For the Teen Moms, this includes domestic violence, abuse, and drug addiction. Substance abuse is a part of many of the girls’ storylines, and relapses are always part of recovery. But even knowing this, it’s clear that this Teen Mom cast member’s admission of relapse was heartbreaking for everyone involved.


Credit: MTV