Breaking! MTV Announces New ‘Teen Mom’ Spin-off Series

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A Whole New Show!

Long time fans of Teen Mom know that the show has had multiple iterations. All of the stars got their initial fame on the show 16 and Pregnant — the show from which Teen Mom spun off in the first place. From there, there were multiple spinoffs. From Teen Mom 2 to the less popular Teen Mom 3 to the renamed return of the original spinoff, Teen Mom OG, everyone has their favorite star. Whether they’re fighting or teaming up against common enemies, the girls each present their own unique stories so every fan can find someone to relate to.

Well, now, the Teen Mom family will be getting a little larger. The show has had multiple one-episode spinoffs in the past, but now it’s opening up to an entirely new cast. And we can’t wait to see how the OG’s take it!

teen mom 2 cast

Credit: MTV