‘Teen Mom’ Star Quits… Then BEGS MTV to Take Her Back!

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Baby, come back!

Very few people get to actually experience what it’s like to be a Teen Mom star, but it’s pretty safe to assume that it’s a lot of difficult work. It’s true that the cast members are essentially paid to be themselves, but that job comes with a huge following of expectant fans, required appearances, and some pretty demanding side hustles… all on top of raising their children and battling their exes. That’s enough to take a toll on anyone.

At the same time, compared to many other jobs, being on Teen Mom can be a pretty sweet gig. At the end of the day, the girls are making much more money for doing what many people do for free: parenting. Over the years, their celebrity has grown, and so have their paychecks. No matter how difficult things get, most fans think the girls would have to be fools to give up that kind of money.

Regardless, that’s exactly what one Teen Mom star has just done. She recently announced that she formally quit the show, to everyone’s surprise. However, it wasn’t very long before she regretted her actions.

Some people are always going to be the regretful ex, begging for a second chance with a significant other even though they decided to break up. It looks like that’s the exact position this Teen Mom star is in, as they’re begging MTV to take them back after they quit!

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Credit: MTV