Ryan Edwards’ Shocking Drug Test Results Revealed!

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It's all coming out!

Even though many of the Teen Mom OG cast members are facing intense difficulties during this season of the show, one of the most potentially fatal challenges of the season is Ryan Edwards’ drug addiction. Ryan’s wife Mackenzie recently revealed that Ryan’s addiction has been getting more and more severe, and he was spending up to a $10,000 a week on his habit. Needless to say, the addiction was getting into seriously frightening territories.

It’s also been threatening something else: Ryan’s relationship with Bentley. Maci made it very clear that she didn’t want her son to be exposed to drug addiction, especially while Ryan was at such a low point. She told her baby daddy very firmly that the only way he would get to spend time with Bentley unsupervised would be if he passed a drug test and came back entirely clean.

Unfortunately, not everyone is so convinced of his sobriety. In addition to drinking alcohol on camera, some of Ryan’s recent behaviors have fans thinking he won’t be able to pass a drug test after all.

Now, the truth is coming out, and so are the results. Did Ryan manage to prove his sobriety, or is it back to rehab for the embattled star?


Credit: MTV