Ryan’s Relapse: Ryan Edwards Caught Drunk at His Second Wedding to Mackenzie Standifer

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Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer both had their fair share of parenting experience before they even turned 20. Both teenage parents, these two didn’t meet until each of their children were out of diapers and their romantic relationships with their co-parents were in the past. Although they were a well-liked couple during their Teen Mom debut, they have had their fair share of scandals and criticism from fans. That hasn’t stopped them from making their relationship official… for the second time.

Ryan and Mackenzie officially got married during the last season of Teen Mom OG, but there was something wrong about their wedding: the groom was so high he could hardly keep his eyes open. Now that they’re getting their re-do, fans expected Ryan to show up totally sober after spending weeks in rehab. However, his recent behavior at his wedding do-over makes it clear that old habits die hard. It even has fans worried about a potential relapse.

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Credit: MTV