The Real Reason Why Javi and Briana Broke Up

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It's over!

It’s official: Briana DeJesus and Javi Marroquin have broken up. After a short, four-month relationship, this couple managed to become one of the most notorious pairs in Teen Mom history thanks to their low-key love triangle with Kailyn Lowry. After all, in addition to Javi being Kailyn’s ex-husband, he’s also the father of her second son. Now, it looks like all of the awkwardness and tension is coming to an end as news that the controversial couple officially split has broken!

Fans saw the split coming yesterday when Javi and Briana began to delete pictures of one another from their social media, but now both of the stars have confirmed the breakup. As to be expected, they both have their own sides of the story, and they don’t entirely match up!

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Credit: MTV