Javi and Briana Delete One Another From Social Media, Spark Breakup Rumors

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Is it over?!

One of the most scandalous relationships in the entirety of Teen Mom history may have already come to an end. It looks like Javi Marroquin and Briana DeJesus may have called their short relationship off before even hitting the six-month milestone. While the move might not surprise many fans, the fact that Briana and Javi often hinted at the idea of getting married and even having children together suggested that they believed their relationship would at least be a bit more long term! Now, it seems that they simply might not be a good match.

Long distance relationships are a challenge for anyone to navigate, and the added baggage of being a reality star certainly doesn’t help. It seems like after one fateful cross-country trip from Florida to Delaware, Briana and Javi had a major fight that they may not manage to come back from.

briana dejesus crying

Credit: MTV