Jenelle Furious After Nathan Reveals Explosive Texts From David

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Things are heating up!

When Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith first started dating, Jenelle, her mother, and many of her fans believed that she had finally found the one. Unlike her first baby daddy Andrew Lewis and even David, Jenelle and Nathan actually planned to have their son, Kaiser, together. But before Jenelle even gave birth, Nathan’s true personality had come out and the couple was heading rapidly downhill. We all know how this story ends…

Unfortunately, even though the two have long since split, they still have one very important thing in common: Kaiser. Despite what they both surely want, this means that they’ll have to continue interacting and having a relationship as long as Kaiser is still dependent on his parents (and probably for a long time after that, too).

But their nasty breakup has taken a serious hold on their relationship. It goes without saying that there is some serious bad blood between Nathan and Jenelle’s new husband David Eason, and their feud has escalated intensely over the years.

If it wasn’t obvious where Jenelle, David, and Nathan’s relationship stood, this definitely clears it up. Nathan has leaked some pretty incriminating and threatening texts from David — leading Jenelle to go off on one of her most explosive rants ever.

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Credit: MTV