Jace to Finally Be Reunited With His Estranged Father Andrew?

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Will he finally get his father back?

Practically all of the Teen Mom stars have gone through fights for custody of their children. For Jenelle Evans, her fight over the custody of her son Jace is unique. Instead of fighting with the father of her child, she’s spent years trying to regain custody of Jace from her mother Barbara after signing it over to her while Jace was still an infant.

As for Jace’s father, he practically dropped off the face of the earth over the past few years. Although he has sporadically shown up at reunions and sent Jenelle a package or two for their son, a warrant for his arrest in North Carolina has kept him from visiting Jenelle and Jace too much. Andrew has been completely absent from Jace’s life in any other way, and, as far as the show reveals, he hasn’t called or written to Jace at all in recent years. Now it looks like that could all be changing.

It looks like a reunion between Jace and his father could be on the horizon. His father has recently revealed that he thinks about Jace “every day.”


Credit: MTV