Fans FURIOUS That MTV Risked Leah’s Children’s Safety!

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Leah was shocked to hear it!

By now, all of the Teen Mom cast members surely understand that when fans don’t like something, they’re very vocal about it. This outrage can be about the star’s personal decisions, their lifestyles, the way they raise their children, and even the people that they date. While it must be difficult to face criticism from fans on a regular basis, the cast members seem to make an effort to communicate with fans about their choices whenever they need to.

But in this instance, fans are standing up for one of the cast members, and her children! We know — we’re surprised too. Many attentive fans noticed that MTV was putting Leah’s children at risk with one of their production decisions, and they contacted Leah to tell her. It should go without saying that the fans were furious with the network for letting this happen.


Credit: MTV