Is Leah Driving a Wedge Between Her Children? Fans Accuse Her of Treating Ali Differently!

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Is she pushing them apart?

Leah Messer’s parenting style has changed drastically in the past few years of Teen Mom 2. She’s proven how difficult it can be to be a good mother when you’re still trying to work out your own, personal problems. At one point, it seemed that Leah might lose custody of all three of her daughters, but she’s managed to come back full force. In addition to leaving many of her personal difficulties with mental illness, addiction, and relationship problems in the past, she’s also turned a new corner in here career as she is trying to start a new career as a motivational speaker.

That doesn’t mean that Leah’s parenting is always perfect. In fact, she’s still making some pretty serious mistakes ― at least according to her fans.

All of the Teen Mom cast members have their own unique experiences and challenges when it comes to motherhood. For Leah, in addition to having twins when she was a teenager, she also discovered that her daughter Ali had a muscular disability that would affect her development and strength.

Now, Leah is facing criticism about the way that she’s raising her twins. Because they have different needs, she’s been treating them differently. But some fans are accusing her of driving a wedge between her children, and making Aleeah feel left out.

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