Mackenzie Mckee to Replace Farrah on ‘Teen Mom OG’?

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Is she the newest cast member?

We all knew that Teen Mom would come to an end eventually, and sometimes it seems only fitting that it would go down in flames. For Farrah Abraham, it seems that’s the way things are turning out for her. Instead of leaving the show gracefully, she and MTV seem to be in an all-out feud after she was fired for her behavior on and off camera. Although this entire incident has created enough drama on its own, it’s presented another serious question for Teen Mom fans to deliberate: Who will replace Farrah?

Of course, the show could go on without her, but now it seems it won’t need to, as reports surface that Teen Mom 3’s Mackenzie McKee could be filling the position.

mackenzie mckee and kids

Source: Instagram @mackenzietaymckee