Leah Begs for Support After Ali Suffers Terrifying Health Scare

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Hard Times!

Of all of the Teen Mom cast members, Leah Messer has had one of the more difficult times in raising her children. She’s had to do so in the midst of relationship troubles, cheating scandals, and even rumors of drug use and neglect. Despite this, it’s clear that Leah has a huge amount of love for her girls.

When Leah first became pregnant, it was quickly followed by a surprise: Instead of having just one baby, Leah would be having two! She soon gave birth to her twin girls, Ali and Aleeah. It wasn’t long after that she realized that Ali was a special needs child. Recently, more information about Ali’s muscular dystrophy condition has surfaced, and fans have shown concern and support for Leah in this trying time. Now, Leah has spoken out about her difficulties, reaching out for more support as she dedicates herself to her daughter’s health.

ali and alleah

Source: Instagram @leahdawn92mtv