Leah Reveals the Chronic Condition She’s Been Suffering With Her Whole Life

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She's opening up!

When you’ve been watching Teen Mom for months (or, let’s be real, years), there are a few things that you’re bound to notice. Obviously the big life events, drama, and feuds between the stars are notable. Those are the things that get you to turn it on, but when you watch hours of people’s lives condensed into minutes, you start to see something much more interesting: the stars’ quirks, patterns, behaviors, and mannerisms. Those are the things that keep you watching and endear the cast to viewers.

Leah Messer may not be the biggest fan favorite, but fans have been watching her for just as long as everyone else and it became impossible us to ignore her health woes. For years, fans have wondered whether or not she was completely healthy — especially during times rumors of drug abuse were flying left and right.

Now, Leah is opening up about the status of her health.

leah messer

Source: Instagram @leahdawn92mtv