Kailyn Lowry Tricked Her Baby Daddy Into Getting Her Pregnant

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Was this her plan all along?

It’s hard to believe that Baby Lo is coming up on being two months old. Even though it’s been a while since Kailyn was pregnant, all of the drama surrounding her pregnancy has yet to fade. In fact, in some ways, it’s just beginning to amp up.

Kailyn’s pregnancy was under a huge amount of scrutiny, especially since she kept it secret for the first few months. Her pregnancy didn’t come out until it was leaked by her ex-husband, Javi. After that, water from the rumor-floodgates poured open, including the baby daddy’s identity and Kailyn’s relationship with him.

Now, things have come into focus about the circumstances concerning Kailyn’s pregnancy, but some parts just don’t add up. Rumors that Kail may have tricked Chris into getting her pregnant are starting to run rampant through the fanbase, and Kailyn probably isn’t too happy about them.

chris and baby lo

Source: Snapchat @Kailynlowry