Dad of the Year? Here’s How Chris Lopez Has Stepped It Up!

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At the core of the show, Teen Mom is all about parenting. Even though all of the cast members are mothers, we’ve gotten our fair share of diverse fathering techniques, as well.

Some of the dads have been complete deadbeats, making it clear that they want pretty much nothing to do with their children. Others have dedicated themselves wholly to fatherhood and are clearly willing to move mountains for their children.

It’s no surprise that most fans assumed that Kailyn’s third baby daddy, Chris Lopez, would fall into the deadbeat category. During Kailyn’s pregnancy, he was essentially nowhere to be seen; things between him and Kail didn’t seem to be very communicative.

Now that Baby Lo is finally here though, fans are surprised that Chris is actually stepping up with his fathering. He’s surprisingly involved with his son and is definitely outshining some of the other Teen Mom dads.

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