Working It Out? Kailyn Speaks Out About Getting Back Together With Javi

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Could they finally be back together?

With the ugly way that Javi Marroquin and Kailyn Lowry split up, you’d think they wouldn’t even be able to sit in the same room as each other. And sometimes, it’s like that. These two have had some pretty serious fights over the years, and Javi dating Kailyn’s co-star Briana DeJesus only made things uglier. It would seem that with all of this fighting, they would want nothing to do with each other, let alone be entertaining the idea of getting back together.

But these two have never done things in a particularly traditional way, and sometimes relationships don’t turn out the way you’d expect. It would be shocking to fans if Javi and Kailyn found their ways back into one another’s arms… but that may be exactly what we’re about to see.

Unlike many exes, Kailyn and Javi don’t have a choice but to see one another on a regular basis. As they work to co-parent their son Lincoln, they’re forced to spend time together whether they like it or not. Could their phone calls and drop-offs be enough time for a spark to reignite? Sources close to the ex-couple and fans alike think it just might.

Now, Kailyn is speaking out about getting back together with her ex-husband.

kailyn and javi

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