“Move the F*@k On!” Briana Leaks Petty AF Texts From Javi Amid Breakup

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She's about to spill!

Breakups can be ugly things, and you may see a side of your significant other that you never knew before. It can result in people picking sides, losing friendships, and even avoiding certain places. No one enjoys going through rough breakups, but it’s even worse when the whole dramatic situation is laid out for the entire world to see.

Briana and Javi’s pettiness during their breakup may be normal for former lovers, but there’s another player in this drama: the millions of fans tuning in for the updates! Now, Briana is playing them to her advantage by threatening to expose all of Javi’s dirty little secrets if he doesn’t stop “harassing” her.

Things are heating up between these two in a pretty ugly way, and fans may soon see a side of Javi that they never expected.

briana looking annoyed

Credit: MTV