Kailyn Accused of Putting New Podcast Before Her Own Children

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Are her priorities messed up?

For some mothers, raising their children is the only focus in their lives. Many mothers will put time with their children above everything else, putting aside other goals as they make motherhood the priority.

If Teen Mom has taught viewers one thing above all else, it’s that everyone has their own unique style of parenting. Despite her baby daddy drama, Kailyn Lowry has always been a dedicated and hardworking mother, willing to fight for her children’s safety and happiness. That said, she’s also always been open about her lofty career aspirations — and she’s not one to back down from the challenge of multitasking.

Now fans are wondering if Kailyn is a little too off balance when it comes to her parenting and career aspirations. She’s been diving headfirst into her passions, but is she letting other important responsibilities fall to the wayside in the process?

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Source: Instagram @kaillowry