Kailyn Confirms New Relationship With a Woman

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She's already moved on!

In the span of time that she’s spent as a Teen Mom cast member, Kailyn Lowry has had a number of long-term relationships. She’s had three baby daddies, but has dated in between them, along with a number of rumored flings and hookups. Of course, everyone knows that Kail just gave birth to baby number three with Chris Lopez, but it may surprise her fans to know that she may have ALREADY moved on.

Kailyn has been open about her bisexuality for a while, but she hasn’t publicized a serious relationship with a girl since. Now it looks like all of that has changed. It looks like Kail has someone new she’s cozying up with, and even though we don’t know much about Kail’s new bae, we know that it’s a girl!

kailyn lowry smiling

Credit: MTV