Kailyn Lowry Drunk and Breastfeeding?

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A Serious Accusation!

Becoming a mother means getting a lot of unsolicited advice about the best practices, styles, and techniques of motherhood. Considering that Kailyn Lowry is a celebrity mother, it’s easy to imagine that she experiences that times a zillion. She’s just given birth to her third child, Baby Lo, and is going through the basic stages of motherhood all over again. Even though it seems she would be a total expert by now, she’s still getting critiqued for her parenting decisions and difficulties when she opens up about them.

She’s opened up that she’s had some troubles with breastfeeding, and some of her ways of coping are getting some serious side-eyes from her fans and fellow mothers. Now, she’s facing a lot of backlash for her parenting.

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Source: Twitter @kailynlfans