Did Kailyn Just Reveal That Javi Is Stalking Her?

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Things are a little confusing right now between the biggest Teen Mom love triangle. Although at first it seemed that Briana and Javi were going to continue to rub their relationship in Kailyn’s face until she snapped, the past couple days have seen their relationship come to a close. Javi and Briana have officially broken up, meaning Kailyn will have nothing to be jealous of there — but was she ever really jealous in the first place? It turns out that Javi might have been the person who was jealous all along!

From the moment that Javi and Briana first announced that they were dating, there have been dozens of theories about their potential ulterior motives. Was it possible they were just dating for attention, or for more of MTV’s money? Some believed that Javi may have been in love with Kailyn all this time, and was just trying to get back at her by dating Briana — or even make Kail so jealous that she would want him back!

If Javi and Briana’s relationship stood the test of time, these theories began to drop off. If Javi was just making Kailyn jealous, the relationship wouldn’t last very long, right? Well, considering that they split after only four months of dating, those who believe this theory might have been onto something all along.

Now, we’ve got another little hint that seems to confirm the idea as well. It turns out that Javi might not have had such an easy time moving on as the Teen Mom has low-key alleged that he’s been keeping tabs on her social media pages over the past few months!

Is he cyber-stalking Kailyn?

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