Kailyn Spills the Real Reason She’s Keeping Chris Away From Lux

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It's more complicated than it seemed!

While Kailyn Lowry was pregnant with Lux, it was nearly impossible to learn anything about baby-daddy-number-three Chris Lopez. He kept his identity hidden for as long as he could — for a while — even Kailyn wouldn’t reveal who had gotten her pregnant for the third time. Before she gave birth, whether or not Chris would even show up at the hospital to welcome his son into the world was even up for debate!

Now that Lux has been born, though, it seems that the opposite is true. Far from staying out of the headlines, Chris Lopez and Kailyn Lowry seem to find new ways to get their custody problems into the headlines daily.

An insider close to Kailyn recently revealed that Kailyn “banned” Chris Lopez from seeing their son, but the reasons as to why were previously slightly murky. It appeared that Kailyn was frustrated with Chris for not signing Lux’s birth certificate. Now, it looks like there might be more to the situation than meets the eye, and now the real reason that Kailyn banned Chris is finally out.

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Credit: WE tv