Kailyn Finally Lets Lux See His Father Chris After Weeks!

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Even though Kailyn isn’t in a relationship with any of her three baby daddies, her nonexistent with Chris Lopez is uncharted territory for them both. Although her romantic relationships with Jo Riverra and Javi Marroquin didn’t survive, she was at least dating them at the time of her first two sons’ births. That meant that as she raised Isaac and Lincoln, she had a helping hand while they were still newborns. For Lux, not so much.

The mother-of-three recently revealed that Lux’s father Chris cheated on her throughout her pregnancy, and by the time Lux was born, they were in a full out feud. In fact, Kailyn wasn’t even sure that Chris would show up to Lux’s birth. It soon came out that Chris declined to sign paternity papers for Lux, meaning he waived his legal rights to see his son. No wonder we haven’t been seeing many cute father and son pictures over the past few months!

As for Kailyn and Chris’s relationship, it’s only seemed to go downhill as their bay has grown. But now it looks like Kailyn is putting her pride aside in an effort to give her son a father, and Chris and Lux will see each other for what appears to be the first time in months!

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Source: Snapchat @Chris Lopez