Kailyn Calls Out Farrah for Her Anti-MTV Rant: “I Never Experienced Any of That!”

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Kailyn calls BS!

Farrah Abraham has recently made some serious accusations against MTV… and in the process, she’s confused most of her fan-base! Earlier this week, she announced that MTV had fired her for participating in the adult industry. Merely two days later, she took to Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to take back everything she said!

However, when she announced that she wasn’t fired, Farrah leveled some big claims about MTV’s and Viacom’s executives, producers, and crew. In addition to accusing them of sexism and slut-shaming, she also claimed that they had perpetrated “hate crimes” against her. Needless to say, Farrah has the entire Teen Mom-verse stirred up after these shocking claims, but one of her costars is coming out to shut the rumors down!

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Credit: WE tv