Kailyn Breaks Down Over Shocking Details About Her Childhood

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She blames her unhealthy relationships on her childhood

If Teen Mom has taught us one thing over the years, it’s that appearances aren’t everything. Sometimes, even though the girls may seem happy on the outside, they reveal that they’re fighting their own demons.

Looking at Kailyn Lowry these days, it seems like she’s finally got it all put together. Her baby daddy drama seems to be largely in the past, she’s dating someone new, and she’s even launching a podcast as a side-career. Then again, those who have followed her from her time on 16 and Pregnant know that she had a troubled childhood.

No matter how much you try to push them away, difficult times have a way of staying with you. The trauma of your past can often rear its head at the worst possible moments. Despite her hard exterior, Kailyn couldn’t help but break down when she was forced to relive her unstable childhood and the way it has affected her current relationships.

kailyn lowry crying

Credit: MTV