Kailyn Moving To L.A., Taking Kids From Their Baby Daddies

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She's up and out!

However “over” your ex you are, it’s always difficult to see them in the arms of another. So the fact that Javi has confirmed that he’s dating Briana DeJesus doesn’t bode very well for Kailyn Lowry — and it certainly doesn’t help that she has to watch them cozy up with one another all over social media.

It’s hard to blame Kailyn for wanting a break from all of the drama.

The Teen Mom stars all have their own special way to escape from the drama. Some of them delete their social media. Others plan a romantic getaway with their significant others. Now, it looks like Kailyn is… moving across the country?

Kailyn has been shopping around in L.A. for real estate, and now it looks like she might be moving to the opposite side of the country, and away from all three of her baby daddies!

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Credit: MTV