Kailyn Lowry Calls out Briana for “Stalking” Her

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It goes without saying that there’s some serious bad blood between Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus. It’s not uncommon for the cast members to get into some fights now and then, but when Briana started dating Kailyn’s ex husband Javi Marroquin, it sealed the deal. Even though some fans would prefer if the two girls just got along, it doesn’t seem likely that they’ll ever be able to patch up what’s come between them.

Now that Briana and Javi have broken up, it would be easy to think that some of the tension would drop between the girls, but it’s possible that just the opposite has happened. And although both girls would probably like to take the high road, it seems that Briana is still preoccupied with Kailyn… and might even be STALKING her!

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Credit: WE tv