Jenelle’s Custody Battle for Kaiser Gets Ugly: “I Want My Son Back!”

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It's going down!

These days, Jenelle Evans has her hands full when it comes to raising her children. Although she doesn’t see Jace full time, there are weekends when she has Jace, Kaiser, Enlsey, and her step-children Maryssa and Kaden to take care of all at once. A mother of five will always have a lot of things to stay on top of when it comes to parenting, but for Jenelle, there’s always one other element: custody battles.

Even when it seems that things are calm and stable for Jenelle, she always seems to be in and out of court fighting for the custody of her children. Although sometimes it seems she’ll be fighting her mother Barbara for custody of Jace forever, right now she has her sights set on her son Kaiser!

As her relationship with her second baby daddy gets worse and worse, Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith seem to be playing tug-of-war with their son. Now it’s coming out that Jenelle refuses to let Nathan see him more!

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Credit: MTV/Instagram @j_evans1219