Custody Battle’s Back On! Jenelle Reportedly Furious With Baby Daddy for Potential Violation

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It's getting ugly!

If Teen Mom’s decade-long television run has proven one thing, it’s that co-parenting isn’t easy. With only one of the original cast members marrying her first and only baby daddy, the majority of the girls have had to learn how to parent with someone they don’t always get along with. Things only get uglier once the courts get involved.

But if there’s one cast member who knows this better than anyone, it’s Jenelle Evans. She seems to have been in and out of court more than any of her co-stars, battling not only her baby daddies but also her mother for custody. Now it’s clear that things are getting worse between her and the father of her son Kaiser in their explosive fight.

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Source: Twitter @GroundLevelUp/MTV